OneNote 2007 Sort Sections

OneNote 2007 Sort Sections 1.0

OneNote 2007 Sort Sections sorts sections from your OneNote notebook

OneNote 2007 Sort Sections is a very simple application for sorting sections of your OneNote notebooks. It installs without special options and adds one button to your toolbar. You just need to click it. It is that simple.

OneNote is a Microsoft application used for taking notes. Every note is organized inside one (or several) notebooks. Every notebook has several sections and every section several pages. What eventually happens is that all this organization does not really represent the chaotic process of note-taking. If you use it long enough you will end up with an endless list of sheets and sections. There is a very useful find tool, but for a more permanent solution, OneNote 2007 Sort Sections is a good help.

This program is a very basic sort function with no undo, so be careful using it. There are no options or configurations to do. Simply find the sections you want to sort, and when they are visible on the screen, press the newly added button. There is no progress bar, so you will have to wait as OneNote seems to lock for a while. If there are a lot of sections the waiting may be longer.

There is also a similar tool to sort sheets, called OneNote 2007 Sort Pages.

Fernando César
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  • Very simple
  • Useful feature missing in OneNote


  • No undo
  • No options
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